Timber Purchase

Treetop Forestry Ltd have a dedicated timber marketing department, purchasing standing timber from forest owners and marketing to the wood processing sector throughout Scotland.

We started this service in 2007 as complimentary to our main timber harvesting activities. It has successfully expanded and today we have a wide range of clients.

Where we purchase standing timber we provide a combined service using our own harvesting fleet and site management to plan and supervise the operation.

As a harvesting company with a directly owned fleet , our income is based on the overall tonnage out-turn. Weight loss and capital tied up in roadside stocks affects us as much as the grower. We are therefore highly incentivised to market timber promptly.

Our timber purchasing and marketing service provides the following:

  • Detailed pre-sale crop measurement and valuation service
  • Free , no obligation quotations for standing timber
  • Assessment of product break-out prior to harvesting
  • We can offer a fixed guaranteed return lump sum payment.
  • Application for felling licence approval
  • Sites worked in accordance with Forest and Water Guidelines
  • Hazard & Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety planning
  • Where required we can arrange road maintenance / upgrade, turning points etc.
  • Highly trained , motivated and experienced harvesting operators.
  • Friendly and reliable service
  • Pro-active regular site visits from our experienced management team
  • Prompt payment for timber uplift

For further information on our standing timber purchasing and marketing contact