Used Machines & Heads

Prospective buyers can choose from a nearly new model with low operating hours or an older machine with higher operating hours. Our Tiger cat fleet broadly consists of harvesting machinery with fixed or levelling superstructures. The “H” model being fixed and the “LH” model with the tilting facility.

Machines available range from 2010 build through to 2015 with options of different Logmax Harvester Heads. If desired a machine base only can be purchased. Used machines are operated until sold and can be viewed in full operation on site at any time. Viewing the machines in this manner offers the buyer the opportunity to see the full potential of the unit. As the engine hours increase the selling price decreases.

Once we sell a machine from our fleet, we replaced immediately from new. This means that we not only keep our fleet updated, but also allows our customers ongoing choice and flexibility as to what type used of machine they wish to purchase.