Large Tree Harvesting

With the sites that have exceptionally large trees, we call upon the Big Tigercats with the Logmax 10000XT heads. These heads are capable of cutting 90cm trees and have the power to feed and delimb the Big Tree crops. The Logmax 10000XT reduces the volume of chainsaw work that would normally be needed in large trees if using the more common medium size of heads. The 10000XT is built for these BIg Trees with heavy branches and gives us the confidence that we're not doing any untold damage to our machines.

When needed, The Giant Logmax 12000XT comes out on our Tigercat LH870. This is proving popular on sites where the average TreeSize is far too big for most conventional Harvesters. With its impressive 102cm cutting capacity, there is very little chainsaw work required to finish the site.