Steep Ground Harvesting

With many years spent working on the west coast of Scotland steep ground becomes second nature and steep ground is what Tigercat does best.

With some of the UK's biggest untouched trees planted and growing on these steep banks, harvesting these crops becomes more of a challenge. We preferably use some of our largest Tigercats for this kind of work as the likes of the Tigercat Leveling 855 harvester has its twin slew motors and accompanied by its large crane with twin lift and dipper rams. This combination makes it a very capable machine for this type of steep conditions.

We have the option of running Leveling Harvesters with different sizes of head, from the smaller Logmax 6000 series head, up to the Giant Logmax 12000XT head for the BIG trees.

We can adapt and change our fleet around to suit most site conditions for the customer.