Tigercat was formed in 1992 when Ontario based fabrication company, MacDonald Steel teamed up with a select team of professionals with wide area of expertise in the logging equipment industry. MacDonald Steel owner and CEO Ken MacDonald envisioned a new company capable of building on MacDonald Steel’s fabricating expertise, a company that would design and manufacture purpose-built forestry equipment. Extensive research, including working with logging contractors, in the a huge wood producing region of south-eastern US, determined the direction future development.

Emphasis was placed on developing machinery that would be durable , reliable and productive. This approach enabled Tigercat harvesting machinery to succeed in competitive market place.  Specializing in the design and manufacturing of quality forestry equipment off-road industrial equipment ,Tigercat is a privately owned Canadian Company. Based in Ontario, Tigercat operates from eight southern Ontario locations. These facilities house the design and production for all Tigercat products including steel fabrication, and parts distribution, administration and customer care.



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